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An ERASMUS+ project promoting better integration of preschool children from different language and culture background


About the MUTUAL project

Children integration on the fun way

Goal of the MUTUAL project is to provide all the tools and knowledge you will need in the classroom with the children from diverse culture and language background. While the project is serious work we want to prepare results which they will be fun to use.

Check it in the results section.


Our Mission

We desire to create an educational atmosphere that students from all backgrounds will love being around. Our training programs are intended to empower teachers to encourage students to tackle challenges and take on experiences that may be new to them. At MUTUAL project, we are are striving to make learning fun and dynamic so that all of our students can accomplish their goals.

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Kids Drawing
Nursery School
Kids Painting
Child Doing Art Activity

Events and project information

Important dates on our calender

November 2016

Project Kick off meeting

Project MUTUAL just started in Sweden. It will bring together early years teachers, researchers and other child care professionals from five different countries (Czech, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Greece and Sweden) who all share a task to make the classrooms welcoming to children from different languages and cultures.

May 2017

2nd transnational meeting Prague

This meeting help us compare all the research facts about early school education from all participating country. Result is very comprehensive study and we are all looking forward to offer it to all professionals in the final edited form.

September 2017

EU analysis of good practices for children integration available

Finally, here it is. This is our first project result and we are happy to offer it to all childcare and early year education.

Here is the link to the Analysis.

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Meet he project team

Joining forces for better future of multicultural classroom

Mojca Williams

Tiny Signers,

Klas Tallvid

Centrum för flexibelt lärande (CFL), Hälsinglands


Aanette Ramstrand

Centrum för flexibelt lärande (CFL), Hälsinglandsutbildningsförbund,

Egle Havrdová

Schola Empirica,

Igor Razbornik

PIA, informacijski sistemi in storitve d.o.o., SLOVENIA




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